List of Color Bearers - PA Civil War Flags List of Color Bearers

Historical Listing of Pennsylvania Civil War Color Bearers

This appendix lists all known color-bearers included in both volumes of Advance the Colors: Pennsylvania's Civil War Battle Flags. A few are marked with asterisks (*); these men are not mentioned in the regimental sketches since their names were found after the manuscript was completed. Some of these men carried flags in 1866 and were listed as previous bearers without elaboration. Names include rank, company, and fate, including dates bearing f1ag. Regiments are listed in numerical order.

Abbreviations: Pvt.=Private; Cpl.=Corporal; Sgt.=Sergeant; Lieut.=Lieutenant; Col.=Colonel.

Additional Note: Supplemental to Dr. Richard Sauers research for Advance the Colors from 1982-1992, there have been several bearers discovered, often times through tour groups, phone calls, family history and online research. We are also hopeful that as this ongoing list is posted online, relatives, researchers and reenactors will contact us to indicate any omissions to the list. Where appropriate, additional bearers will be noted with an infantryman's insignia.

3rd United Slates Colored Troops
6th United Slates Colored Troops
Sgt. John D. West, Co. D6/15/64
Lieut. Frederick Meyer, Co. Bkilled 9/29/64
Lieut. Nathan H. Edgartonwounded 9/29/64
Sgt. Alexander Kelley, Co. Ftook flag 9/29/64
Sgt.-Major Thomas Hawkinstook flag 9/29/64
8th United States Colored Troops
Sgt. Samuel Waters, Co. Cmortally wounded 2/20/64
Sgt. Robert Brown. Co. F6/13/64-?
22nd United States Colored Troops
Cpl. Nathan Stanton10/27/64
24th United States Colored Troops
25th United States Colored Troops
Sgt. George W. Davis, Co. D2/27/64-?
Sgt. William Lyons, Co. I2/27/64-?
Sgt. Daniel Thompson, Co. A7/30/65-?
Sgt. Henry Key, Co. H11/23/65-?
32nd United States Colored Troops
41st United States Colored Troops
43rd United States Colored Troops
Sgt. William R. Butler, Co. F 5/16/64-?
45th United States Colored Troops
127th United States Colored Troops
Sgt. William Reynolds, Co. D9/10/64-?
11th Infantry
Sgt. Charles H. Foulke, Co. A11/20/61-8/11/62
Sgt. Robert H. Knox, Co. Cseverely wounded 8/30/62
Sgt. Samuel S. Bierer, Co. Cwounded 8/30/62
Lieut. Absalom Schall, Co. Cwounded 8/30/62
Sgt. Samuel S. Bierer, Co. Ctook flag 8/30/62
Pvt. Daniel Mathews, Co. Cwounded 9/17/62
Pvt. William Welty, Co. Ckilled 9/17/62
Cpl. Frederick Welty, Co. Cseverely wounded 9/17/62
Lieut. Edward H. Gay, Co. Ftwice wounded, 9/17/62
Sgt. Henry Bitner, Co. Etook flag 9/17/62
Cpl. John V. Kuhns, Co. Cthrice wounded 12/13/62
Pvt. Cyrus W. Chambers, Co. Ckilled 12/13/62
Cpl. John W. Thomas, Co. Cseverely wounded 12/13/62
Capt. Benjamin F. Haines, Co. Btook flag 12/13/62
Cpl. John H. McKalip, Co. Cwounded 7/1/63
Pvt. Michael Kepler, Co. C7/1/63-4/64
Cpl. Jacob J. Lehman, Co. D4/64-killed 5/8/64
*Lieut. Samuel McCutchen, Co. Ftook flag 5/8/64
[unidentified]wounded 5/12/64
Cpl. William Mathews, Co. C5/12/64-12/3/64
Sgt. Albert Carter, Co. A12/3/64-5/28/65
Sgt. J.C. Scheurman, Co. A5/28/65-7/1/65
*Sgt. John P. Shaeffer, Co. B1/17-29/62, Martinsburg flag
Sgt. William Feightner, Co. I 1/29/62-wounded & captured 8/30/62, with Martinsburg flag
Cpl. Henry B. Temple, Co. Kdesignating flag 7/8/62-?
Pvt. William H. West, Co.Kdesignating flag bearer 8/30/62
23rd Infantry
Sgt. Samuel F. Bolton, Co. Hkilled 5/31/62
Lieut. Henry A. Marchant, Co. ?rescued flag 5/31/62
*Sgt. Isaac S. Williams, Co. Iprior to 1/63
Sgt. Francis M. Worth, Co. Hwounded 6/1/64
26th Infantry
Sgt. William S. Small, Co. I1/17/62-?
Sgt. George W. Roosevelt, Co. Krescued flag 8/29/62
Cpl. Charles J. Barger, Co. Bprior to muster-out
27th Infantry
Sgt. Henry E. Rosengarten, Co. Kwounded at Chancellorsville
*Sgt. John W. Detjen, Co. Gkilled 5/2/63
28th Infantry
Sgt. George Grady, Co. G7/10/62-?
Pvt. Gustavus Hoffman, Co. Pkilled 9/17/62
Sgt. Charles P. Kennedy, Co. I1/23/63-?
Sgt. Jacob G. Orth, Co. D4/16/63-?
29th Infantry
Sgt. William Betzold, Co. H9/5/63-?
Cpl. Charles H. Martin, Co. Fpresented color, 11/24/63
30th Infantry (1st Pennsylvania Reserves)
Pvt. William H. Bradley, Co. Gbearer in 1862
Pvt. Thomas McNamee, Co. C9/14/62
Sgt. Bertoless Slott, Co. Gwounded 7/2/63
Cpl. George K. Swope, Co. B7/2/63-?
31st Infantry (2nd Pennsylvania Reserves)
Sgt. William J. Fulton, Co. Hwounded 9/17/62
Sgt. William Derr, Co. Cmortally wounded 12/13/62
Sgt. James Toomey, Co. Dwounded 7/2/63
Sgt. Joseph F. Sweeton, Co. Kpresented flag 3/16/64-?
32nd Infantry (3rd Pennsylvania Reserves)
Pvt. David Jones, Co. Krescued flag 6/30/62
Sgt. William F. Roberts, Co. Cwounded 8/30/62
Sgt. T. Watson Bewley, Co. Clast bearer, 1864
33rd Infantry (4th Pennsylvania Reserves)
Cpl. M. H. Vanscoten, Co. H9/10/61-?
Sgt. Jacob Wheeler, Co. C9/17/62
Sgt. C. W. Whiteman, Co. Gkilled 5/9/64
34th Infantry (5th Pennsylvania Reserves)
Sgt. Michael Leary6/30/62
Cpl. Joseph C. Carson, Co. Bwounded 6/30/62
Capt. Thomas Chamberlin, Co. D6/30/62
Cpl. James C. Voris, Co. Bkilled 12/13/62
Cpl. William Kohler, Co. Hlisted as bearer, 1866
35th Infantry (6th Pennsylvania Reserves)
Sgt. George W. Deen, Co. Ementioned for 1/13/63
*Sgt. William E. Ackey, Co. Elisted as bearer, 1866
36th Infantry (7th Pennsylvania Reserves)
Pvt. Adam Wray, Co. F9/10/61-wounded 6/62
Sgt. Reuben W. Schell, Co. D8/62-captured 5/5/64
Pvt. Henry Dilman, Co. Ckilled 12/13/62 after he took flag from Schell
37th Infantry (8th Pennsylvania Reserves)
Cpl. George Horton, Co. Fkilled 9/17/62
Lieut. Lewis B. Waltz, Co. Ftook flag 9/17/62
Cpl. John M. Oliver, Co. Klisted as bearer, 1866
Cpl. A. J. Bisset, Co. Iphotographed with flag
38th Infantry (9th Pennsylvania Reserves)
Sgt. Henry W. Blanchard, Co. Hwounded 6/30/62 & 9/17/62
Pvt. Walter Beatty, Co. Ikilled 9/17/62
Pvt. Robert Lemmon, Co. Ikilled 9/17/62
Pvt. Edward Dorien, Co. H9/17/62-?
*Cpl. William Altsman, Co. Glisted as bearer, 1866
39th Infantry (10th Pennsylvania Reserves)
*Sgt. John C. Gaither, Co. A1861-6/27/62
*Sgt. N. B. McWilliams, Co. Elisted as bearer, 1866
40th Infantry (11th Pennsylvania Reserves)
Sgt. James L. Hazlett, Co. Ewounded 8/30/62
Pvt. James J. Fritz, Co. E12/13/62
41st Infantry (12th Pennsylvania Reserves)
Lieut. Edward Kelly, Co. Etook flag 8/30/62
Pvt. David H. Graham, Co. Ekilled 9/17/62
Sgt. William H. Weaver, Co. Dwounded 5/10/64
Sgt. James Johnson, Co. Etook flag 5/10/64
42nd Infantry (13th Reserves)
Cpl. John Looney, Co. Gmortally wounded 12/13/62
43rd Regiment (1st Artillery)
44th Regiment (1st Cavalry)
*Cpl. Isaac Kennedy, Co. G5/64
Sgt. Antoine Wolf, Co. M4/5/65
45th Infantry
Sgt. Joseph Reigle, Co. Estate color 10/22/61-2/64; national color 2/64-wounded 6/3/64; 6/19/64-captured 9/30/64
Cpl. Justus D. Strait, Co. I6/3-19/64
Cpl. John Kinsey, Co. Brescued flag 5/18/64
Cpl. Thomas Evers, Co. Dwounded 6/18/64
Cpl. Charles T. Kelley, Co. G6/18/64-captured 9/30/64
Sgt. Andrew J. Goodfellow, Co. A4/2/65
46th Infantry
Sgt. James McQuillan, Co. Dwounded 5/25/62
Sgt. Charles A. Row, Co. E11/62
Sgt. William Baron, Co. EAtlanta Campaign
47th Infantry
Sgt. Benjamin F. Walls, Co. Cwounded 4/9/64
Sgt. William Pyer, Co. Cwounded 4/9/64
48th Infantry
Sgt. John Roarty, Co. Cto 10/2/64
Sgt. Samuel A. Beddall, Co. E10/2/64-7/20/65
Sgt. John Taylor, Co. A4/2/65
*Sgt. Arthur P. Hatch, Co. Clisted as bearer, 1866
*Sgt. Edward Flanagan, Co. Glisted as bearer, 1866
49th Infantry
Sgt. Theodore D. Hoffman, Co. Dto 8/30/61
Sgt. John M. Thompson, Co. I9/3/62-10/24/62
Sgt. John J. Hight, Co. D3/7/64-10/19/64
Sgt. Henry Entriken, Co. F9/64-?
Cpl. Theo. H. McFarland, Co. D10/26/64-?
Sgt. Samuel H. Irvin, Co. Csometime in 1864
50th Infantry
51st Infantry
Cpl. George W. Foote, Co .E3/14/62
*Sgt. Patrick Kevin, Co. Ckilled 5/6/64
Sgt. Nathan H. Ramsey, Co. Cwounded 5/12/64
Cpl. James Cameron, Co. Icaptured 5/12/64
*Sgt. Isaac E. Filman, Co. Alisted as bearer, 1866
52nd Infantry
Sgt. Henry A. Mott, Co. Kmentioned 10/11/62
Sgt. Niram A. Fuller, Co. F1/27/64-4/1/65
Cpl. Philip G. Killian, Co. Amentioned 7/5/64
*Cpl. Samuel Williams, Co. Ilisted as bearer, 1866
53rd Infantry
Sgt. Dewalt S. Fouse, Co. COriginal bearer 1861-?
Cpl. Joseph Black, Co. Hkilled 6/1/62
Sgt. John M. Harvey, Co. Kwounded 12/13/62
*Sgt. David B. Rothrock, Co. Clisted as bearer, 1866
54th Infantry
Cpl. James P. Ryan, Co. Dkilled 4/2/65
Pvt. Michael Lohr, Co. C4/2/65-?
55th Infantry
Sgt. James Miller, Co. Edied 7/15/63
Sgt. Michael Murray, Co. Ewounded 6/3/64
Sgt. Augustin Flanagan, Co. Awounded 9/29/64
Sgt. Hezekiah Hammer, Co. Ktook flag 9/29/64
*Pvt. Alexander Ow, Co. Flisted as bearer, 1866
56th Infantry
Sgt. Archibald C. Bruce, Co. B3/7/62-died 3/20/62
Sgt. Josiah Yohe, Co. C7/19/62-8/29/62
Sgt. Wallace Early, Co. A11/15/62-?
Sgt. Henry Eby, Co. Hwounded 7/1/63
Cpl. Patrick Bums, Co. Dwounded 7/ 2/63
Cpl. Ira Knapp, Co. Aafter Gettysburg
Cpl. WInfield S. Carr, Co. Iafter Gettysburg
Sgt. John Y. Earhart, Co. B6/24/65-?
Sgt. Hugh Logue, Co. I6/24/65-?
57th Infantry
Sgt. Edgar Williams, Co. Eprior to 1864
Sgt. Cyrus P. Slaven, Co. I4/23/64-wounded 5/6/64
*Sgt. Thomas P. Hamilton, Co. F10/17/64-?
Cpl. Robert G. Madge, Co. C6/64
58th Infantry
Sgt. Charles Harman, Co. Amentioned 9/25/63
Sgt. John Hoffa, Co. K4/14/64-?
*Sgt. Hans Hanson, Co. K9/16/64-?
Sgt. A. H. Baumgartner, Co. Bmentioned in postwar article
59th Regiment (2nd cavalry)
60th Regiment (3rd cavalry)
61st Infantry
Sgt. William H. Ronntree, Co. Dkilled 5/31/62
*Cpl. James Mulligan, Co. Fsaved flag 5/31/62
Sgt. David H. Ford, Co. Kwounded 5/3/63
Pvt. James Robb, Co. Htook flag 5/3/63
Cpl. William Taylor, Co. [G]took flag 5/3/63
Sgt. Hugh Gorman, Co. Ckilled 5/6/64
Sgt. William Coon, Co. Dwounded 4/2/65
Sgt. Joseph Fisher, Co. Cwounded 4/2/65
Cpl. Joseph C. Matthews, Co. A4/2/65
Major Robert L. Orr4/2/65
62nd Infantry
Sgt. Jefferson Truitt, Co. Dsaved flag 7/1/62
Sgt. Thomas H. Budlong, Co. Ikilled 7/2/63
Sgt. Jacob B. Funk, Co. Awounded 7/2/63
Cpl. Johnson C. Gardner, Co. Esaved flag 7/2/63
63rd Infantry
Sgt. William W. Weeks, Co. Hwounded 8/29/62
Cpl. John Hoffman, Co. Iwounded 8/29/62
Cpl. George Lang, Co. E8/29/62
Sgt. George W. Fizgerald, Co. Kwounded 5/3/63
Sgt. George F. House, Co. B5/3/63-wounded 5/5/64
Pvt. Joseph P. Rankin, Co. G5/5/64-?
64th Regiment (4th Pennsylvania cavalry)
Sgt. Amos S. Bolton, Co. F12/25/61-5/27/62
Sgt. William Hazlen, Co. G5/27/62-?
Pvt. William McDowell, Co. D8/14/63-?
*Pvt. John Boyce, Co. B6/64
*Sgt. James Smith, Co. Alisted as bearer, 1866
65th Regiment (5th Pennsylvania cavalry)
67th Infantry
Sgt. William A. Rager, Co. E3/25/65
68th Infantry
Cpl. James McLarnon, Co. K7/2/63-6/9/65
Sgt. Charles H. Haber, Co. Bmentioned in regimental papers
69th Infantry
Sgt. John King, Co. Aprior to 5/22/62
Sgt. Patrick Murphy, Co. B5/22/62-3/23/63
Sgt. Michael Dougherty, Co. C3/23/63-?
Sgt. Michael Brady, Co. Cwounded at Gettysburg
70th Regiment (6th cavalry)
71st Infantry
Sgt. Thomas Vansantrescued flag 10/21/61
72nd Infantry
Sgt. Frederick Mannes, Co. Bprior to 7/63
Sgt. William Finacy, Co. Hkilled 7/3/63
Cpl. Francis O'Donnell, Co. Dwounded 7/3/63
Sgt. Thomas Murphy, Co. G7/3/63-?
73rd Infantry
Sgt. William Burkhardt, Co. Awounded 8/30/62
Sgt. Henry Hess, Co. Hwounded 8/30/62
Sgt. Charles Wendler, Co. Gstate color 11/25/63
Capt. John Kennedy, Co. Esaved color 11/25/63
74th Infantry
Sgt. George Ekert5/63
75th Infantry
Sgt. Robert Jordan, Co. Akilled 8/30/62
Sgt. Charles Haserodt, Co. E[wounded 8/30/62]
Sgt. John Emleben, Co. Dtook flag 8/30/62
76th Infantry
Sgt. Solomon C. Miller, Co. H7/22/64-? wounded 8/14/64
Cpl. Albert Sanders, Co. C9/27/64-? wounded 1/15/65
77th Infantry
Sgt. Scott R. Crawford, Co .Cmortally wounded 12/30/62
Pvt. James A. Rodgers, Co. Ewounded 12/30/62
Lieut. John C. Shroad, Co. Ktook flag 12/30/62
Cpl. W. H. H. Woolslair, Co. Ccaptured 9/19/63
78th Infantry
Sgt. George D. Hamm, Co. C12/62
Sgt. J. Waream, Co. Cto 5/20/65
Sgt. Thomas Evans, Co. B5/20/65-?
Cpl. Abraham W. Rudisill, Co. Dclaimed to be bearer, 1866
79th Infantry
Cpl. William F. Dostman, Co. H killed 9/19/63
Sgt. John Dean, Co. Alisted as bearer, 1866
Sgt. Henry Reed, Co. Hibid
Cpl. William Powell, Co. Hibid
Cpl. H. B. Vondersmith, Co. Kibid
Cpl. George L. Danner, Co. Bibid
Cpl. Andrew J. Huffnagle, Co. Aibid
Sgt. Jacob H. Beichler, Co.Aibid
80th Regiment (7th Pennsylvania cavalry)
Sgt. John Ennis, Co. A1/11/64-mortally wounded 4/2/65
Sgt. Louis H. Bickel, Co. Itook standard 4/2/65
81st Infantry
Sgt. Henry Keenan, Co. Ddied of wound received on 12/13/62
Sgt. John B. Munyan, Co. Awounded 12/13/62
Sgt. James B. McHale, Co. Btook flag 12/13/62; killed 7/2/63
Sgt. Ephraim Davis, Co. Dkilled 1864
*Sgt. James Wirt, Co. Kdied of wounds received at Cold Harbor
Sgt. James B. Murray, Co. Hkilled 8/25/64
Sgt. John Adams, Co. D8/25/64-?
Sgt. Isaac Mclean, Co. Iwounded 8/25/64
Sgt. John Hughs, Co. Ewounded 8/25/64; mentioned 10/31/64
Sgt. William D. Parkhill, Co .Ckilled 4/7/65
Sgt. Andrew J. Shiner, Co. Fmortally wounded 4/7/65
82nd Infantry
Sgt. William H. Gibson, Co. Cwounded 5/31/62
Sgt. William P. Beale, Co. D5/63
Sgt. George Waterhouse, Co. B6/64
*Sgt. Francis A. Drumel, Co. Blisted as bearer, 1866
83rd Infantry
Cpl. Walter Ames, Co. Kkilled 6/27/62
Sgt. Alexander Rogers, Co. H killed 5/5/64
Cpl. M. Francis Vogus, Co. G wounded 5/8/64
Cpl. Daniel Jones, Co. Frescued flag 5/8/64
84th Infantry
Sgt. Edward Stokes, Co. Boriginal bearer
Sgt. Hugh Smith, Co. Dwounded 3/23/62
Sgt. Thomas Gouldsberry. Co. Itook flag 3/23/62
Sgt. Charles White, Co. Kwounded & captured 5/3/63
85th Infantry
Sgt. Joseph G. Reager, Co. B11/18/61-4/27/62
Sgt. Jacob Deffenbaugh. Co. I4/27/62-7/63
Pvt. George Orbin, Co. C7/63-9/63
Cpl. Richard S. Lincoln, Co. Iwounded 5/31/62
Cpl. Alexander Ross, Co. A5/1/64-11/64
Sgt. John Moore, Co. Kstate color, 8/16/64
87th Infantry
*Cpl. William Brubaker, Co. A6/63
Sgt. Jonathan J. Keesey, Co. Cwounded 9/19/64
Cpl. Daniel P. Reigle, Co. Etook flag 9/19/64; saved flag 10/19/64
*Cpl. Henry Shultz, Co. A10/64
88th Infantry
Sgt. John B. Donohoe, Co. C8/62-9/62
Cpl. Lewis W. Bonnin, Co. Bwounded 7/1/63
Cpl. Francis Charles, Co. C12/29/63-?
Sgt. Thomas Hartman, Co. H12/29/63-?
Cpl. Charles McKnight, Co. K5/12/64
Sgt. John Ewing, Co. Dwounded 6/18/64
Sgt. John Devine, Co. K6/64 and 2/65
89th Regiment (8th Pennsylvania Cavalry)
Sgt. George Stephens, Co. H1/18/65-?
90th Infantry
Cpl. Theodore Mason, Co. Ekilled 9/17/62
Sgt. William H. Paul, Co. Esaved flag 9/17/ 62; wounded 7/1/63
Lieut. William H. Hewlings, Co. Ctook flag 12/13/62
Sgt. Thomas E. Berger, Co. Kwounded unknown date
Sgt. Johnson Roney, Co. Gwounded unknown date
91st Infantry
Sgt. Robert Chism, Co. Kmortally hurt 5/7/64
Sgt. Archibald Nimmo, Co. Cwounded 6/18/64
Cpl. Edward Gamble, Co. Bwounded 6/18/64
Pvt. James C. Sweeney, Co. Dmortally wounded 6/18/64
Sgt. Franklin C. Wolfong, Co. Htook flag 6/18/64
Cpl. Thomas C. Deveraux, Co. C2/6/65
Sgt. William H. Geary, Co. Don 1914 list as previous bearer
92nd Regiment (9th Cavalry)
Sgt. Jacob Wolfley, Co. C1/7/65-?
93rd Infantry
Pvt. Henry Fittery, Co. A11/8/61-mortally wounded 5/31/62
Sgt. John Hutchison, Co. Ewounded 5/5/62
Pvt. George K. Stoud, Co. C12/62-7/63
Pvt. Gideon Mellin, Co. H6/18/64
Sgt. William Risser, Co. Cwounded 9/19/64
Sgt. William H. Smith, Co. Fwounded 9/22/64
Cpl. Jacob Renkenberger, Co. Atook flag 9/22/64-?
Pvt. George Imboden, Co. Awounded 10/19/64
Sgt. Charles Marquette, Co. Fwounded 4/2/65
95th Infantry
Sgt. William Byrnes, Co. Fwounded 6/27/62, 9/14/62, 10/19/64
Sgt. George W. Ulmer, Co. A5/12/64
Sgt. Albert J. Bannon, Co. C2/24/65-?
Pvt. John B. Cooke, Co. Dwounded 4/6/65
96th Infantry
Sgt. Joseph S. Johnson, Co. Hwounded 9/14/62
Cpl. William Ortner, Co. Hwounded 9/14/62
Sgt. Charles B. Zeigler, Co. Hkilled 9/14/62
Sgt. Solomon M. McMinzie, Co. Ckilled 9/14/62
Cpl. Thomas Oliver, Co. Cwounded 9/14/62
Pvt. Harry H. Hunsicker, Co. Htook flag 9/14/62
Sgt. J. W. Conradwounded 5/9/64
Cpl. George W. Foltz, Co. Cwounded 5/10/64
Sgt. Ezra Hendley, Co. Dwounded 5/64
*Sgt. William F. Lord, Co. Akilled 5/10/64
97th Infantry
Sgt. John D. Beaver, Co. C11/61-?
Sgt. Samuel M. McBride, Co. D5/19/64-wounded 5/20/64
Sgt. John A. Russell, Co. Hwounded 5/20/64
Capt. George A. Lemaistre, Co. Hwounded 5/20/64
Cpl. Thomas Forsythe, Co. Etook flag 5/20/64 & 9/1/64
Sgt. William McCarty, Co. Dwounded 1/15/65
Col. Galusha Pennypackerwounded 1/15/65
98th Infantry
Cpl. John V. Koch, Co. I8/29/64-9/17/64
Sgt. John Hirschling, Co. I9/26/64-5/1/65; wounded 10/19/64
Sgt. Jacob A. Schmid, Co. Itook flag 10/19/64
Sgt. Jacob Herrman, Co. C5/1/65-?
Cpl. Henry Schlacter, Co. I5/1/65-?
99th Infantry
Sgt. Samuel Hutton, Co. K1/15/62-?
Sgt. Harvey M. Munsell, Co. A8/8/62-?
100th Infantry
Sgt. Richard P. Craven, Co. Kwounded 9/14/62
Cpl. Richard Porter, Co. Bwounded 9/14/62
Sgt. Charles Oliver, Co. M3/25/65
*Cpl. Alexander Boyd, Co. Blisted as bearer, 1866
101st Infantry
102nd Infantry
Cpl. Joseph Hucks, Co. Mmortally wounded 5/31/62
Sgt. George W. Workman, Co. Kmortally wounded 5/31/62
Sgt. Edwin Anderson, Co. B5/31/62
Cpl. Charles L. Donohoe, Co. K5/31/62
Cpl. William H. Cowan, Co. Hwounded 7/1/62
Sgt. John B. Devaux, Co. F12/26/62-wounded 5/3/63
Cpl. John F. Brill, Co. L5/3/63-?
Sgt. William G. Greenawalt, Co. A9/64
Sgt. Lewis C. White, Co.Hwounded 10/19/64
103rd Infantry
Sgt. James H. Chambers, Co. Coriginal bearer
Sgt. William N. Barr, Co. C5/31/62
Sgt. Anthony Spangler, Co. Dkilled 12/14/62
Cpl. Robert J. Thompson, Co. Ecaptured 4/20/64
104th Pennsylvania
Sgt. John M. Laughlin, Co. A10/31/61-5/12/62
Sgt. James L. Slack, Co. Cwounded 5/31/62
Sgt. Hiram W. Purcell, Co. Gwounded 5/31/62
*Cpl. Charles Michner, Co. Ctook flag 5/31/62
*Sgt. Jacob Myers, Co. Gtook flag 5/31/62
105th Infantry
106th Infantry
Sgt. Benjamin F. Slonaker, Co. C10/6/61-9/17/62-?
Sgt. Joseph N. Radcliff, Co. C9/17/62-3/1/63
Sgt. Charles H. Hickok, Co. Ckilled 5/6/64
Cpl. William C. Wagner, Co. Awounded 5/12/64
Cpl. S. Macey Smith, Co. Ctook flag 5/12/64
Cpl. John Houghton, Co. Fcaptured 6/22/64
Sgt. Rufus G. Brown, Co. Clisted as bearer, 1914
107th Infantry
Pvt. Thomas Kehoe, Co. Cmortally wounded 9/17/62
Sgt. Solomon R. Hough, Co. Awounded 9/17/62
*Pvt. Russell Phillips, Co. A9/62
Cpl. H. W. Smyser, Co. Ewounded 9/17/62
Pvt. Cornelius Regan, Co. Akilled 9/17/62
Capt. Henry J. Sheafer, Co. Isaved flag 9/17/62
Pvt. James Kennedy. Co. Isaved flag 9/17/62
Pvt. John C. Delaney, Co. Isaved flag 9/17/62
Cpl. Henry Sunniver, Co. B12/13/62
Pvt. George Henthorne, Co. B12/13/62
Cpl. George A. McConnelly, Co. Hkilled 7/1/63
Cpl. Thomas Breash, Co. Ckilled 7/1/63
Sgt. Francis J. Swoyer, Co. Cwounded 2/7/65
Cpl. John M. Hileman, Co. C3-4/65
108th Regiment (11th Pennsylvania cavalry)
109th Infantry
Sgt. Lewis Shaw, Co. Ckilled 8/9/62
Sgt. John Greenwoodkilled 7/3/63
Sgt. William McNallykilled 7/3/63
Sgt. Fergus Elliott, Co. G1864
Cpl. John M. Valleau, Co. C1864-1865
Sgt. Bernard J. Drury, Co. G9/14/64-?
110th Infantry
Sgt. Davidson Martin, Co. Eoriginal bearer
Sgt. William A. Norton. Co. I8/30/62
Sgt. William H. Hill, Co. Eprior to 1/30/63
Cpl. Joseph White, Co. E2/9/63-?
Sgt. Valentine Stewart, Co. Bkilled 10/2/64
Sgt. Michael Feather, Co. H2/65
Sgt. George G. Tate, Co. B6/2/65-?
111th Infantry
Cpl. E. V. Sedgwick, Co. Ckilled 8/9/62
Sgt. Alonzo Foust, Co. I9/17/62-12/22/64
Cpl. Frank Guy, Co. E12/63-12/22/64
Cpl. Calvin H. Blanchard, Co. D3/23/64-12/22/64
Sgt. Alfred E. Harper, Co. E12/22/64-?
Sgt. Myron P. Good, Co. C12/22/64-?
Sgt. Lewis Minium, Co. G12/22/64-?
112th Regiment (2nd Heavy Artillery)
Sgt. Stephen H. Witt, Co. F6/5/63-?
Sgt. Charles Link, Co. G6/5/63-?
Sgt. Henry F. Rutledge, Co. E11/16/64-?
Sgt. James B. Furness, Co. M11/16/64-?
Sgt. Lewis Wagner, Co. H1/17/66-?
Sgt. Thomas Hackney, Co. C1/17/66-?
113th Regiment (l2th cavalry)
114th Infantry
Sgt. Benjamin I. Baylitts, Co.C5/63-?
Cpl. Michael Cannon, Co. Cwounded 7/2/63
Cpl. Harry Hall, Co. Iafter 7/2/63
Sgt. Thomas Melsomcited in 1866 article
115th Infantry
Sgt. Hugh Barr8/62
Sgt. Benjamin Williams, Co. Kwounded 5/3/63
Cpl. Patrick Kenney, Co. Etook flag 5/3/63
Sgt. James Doyle, Co. B2/13/ 64-?
116th Infantry
Sgt. William H. Tyrrell, Co. C10/62-wounded 12/13/62
Lieut. Francis T. Quinlan, Co. Htook flag 12/13/62
Sgt. Abraham F. Detweiler, Co. C12/14/62-11/63
Cpl. William Wertz. Co. Hkilled 5/18/64
Sgt. Timothy A. Sloan, Co. Ewounded 6/3/64
Pvt. James M. Seitzinger, Co. Gtook flag 6/3/64
Sgt. Peter Kelly, Co. D6/64-wounded 4/2/65
Sgt. Edward S. Kline, Co. F4/2/65
Sgt. Charles Maurer. Co. Flast bearer
117th Regiment (13th cavalry)
118th Infantry
Pvt. William Hummel, Co. Dsaved flag 9/20/62
Sgt. David L. Ware, Co. F?-6/25/63
Sgt. John H. Williamson, Co. F6/25/63-?
Cpl. William H. Wild, Co. Cmortally wounded 9/30/64
Capt. Isaac H. Seesholtz, Co. Kwounded 9/30/64
Pvt. Thomas Crealy, Co. Ctook flag 9/30/64
Sgt. Samuel F. Delaney, Co. E2/16/65
119th Infantry
Sgt. William M. Laughlin, Co. G?-10/ 25/63
Sgt. George G. Lovett, Co. G10/25/63-?
121st Infantry
Sgt. Erskine W. Hazard, Jr., Co. Dkilled 12/13/62
Lieut. Joseph G. Rosengartentook flag 12/13/62
Sgt. William G. Graham, Co. Dkilled 5/5/64
Sgt. William Hardy, Co. Bkilled 5/11/64
Sgt. Alfred Clymer, Co. Imortally wounded 6/5/64
Sgt. James B. Graham, Co. D6/5/64-3/65
Sgt. Louis Clapper, Co. C3/65-end
122nd Infantry
Cpl. John S. Smith, Co. Glisted as bearer, 1866
123rd Infantry
Sgt. Samuel Caldwell, Co. E12/13/62
124th Infantry
125th Infantry
Sgt. George A. Simpson, Co. Ckilled 9/17/62
Pvt. Eugene Boblitz, Co. Hwounded 9/17/62
Pvt. Walter W. Greenland, Co. Ctook flag 9/17/62
Sgt. L. Frank Wattson, Co. C9/17/62-ca 2/7/63
Sgt. Charles E. Campbell, Co. Clisted as bearer on company memorial
126th Infantry
Cpl. Thomas Daily, Co. K12/13/62
Cpl. Solomon B. Kauffman, Co. Flisted as bearer in regtl history
127th Infantry
128th Infantry
Sgt. Henry S. Lovett, Co. C5/63
129th Infantry
Sgt. Lewis S. Boner, Co. E5/3/63
Sgt. Peter M. Miller, Co. F5/3/63
Col. Jacob G. Frickrescued flags 12/13/62 & 5/3/63
130th Infantry
Col. Henry I. Zinnkilled 12/13/62
Sgt. Charles A. Smith, Co. Alisted as bearer, 1866
131st Infantry
Sgt. Henry H. Mclaughlin, Co. Dlisted in RG 19
132nd Infantry
Cpl. William Parks, Co. Hmortally wounded 12/13/62
Lieut. Henry H. Hoagland, Co. Hmortally wounded 12/13/62
Lieut. Charles M. McDougall, Co. Ctook flag 12/13/62
Lieut. Frederick L. Hitchcockwounded 12/13/62
*Cpl. P. P. Copeland, Co. Klisted as bearer, 1866
133rd Infantry
134th Infantry
Cpl. William E. Flugga, Co. Elisted as bearer, 1866
135th Infantry
Cpl. Samuel B. Harrison, Co. Ilisted as bearer, 1866
136th Infantry
*Sgt. Joseph S. Durning, Co. E9/8/62-?
Cpl. Philip Petty, Co. Csaved flag 12/13/62
Sgt. Jacob Johnston, Co. Clisted as bearer, 1866
137th Infantry
Cpl. William H. Chilson, Co. Hlisted as bearer, 1866
138th Infantry
Cpl. John H. Ashenfelter, Co. Kkilled 5/5/64
Sgt. John F. Biesecker, Co. Bmortally wounded 5/5/64
139th Infantry
Sgt. James S. Graham, Co. Ewounded 5/3/63
Major Robert Munroetook flag 9/19/64
Sgt. David W. Young, Co. E4/2/65
140th Infantry
Sgt. Robert Riddle, Co. Fwounded 7/2/63
Cpl. Jesse T. Power, Co. E7/2/63-wounded 5/12/64
Sgt. A. G. Beeson, Co. Ewounded 5/12/64
Cpl. David Taggart, Co. Gtook flag 5/12/64
*Sgt. Robert Dickey, Co. Ilisted as bearer, 1866
141st Infantry
Sgt. George C. Beardsly, Co. Cmortally wounded 5/3/63
Capt. Abram J. Swart, Co. Ckilled 5/3/63
Col. Henry J. Madilltook flag 5/3/63
Pvt. John J. Stockholm, Co. H7/2/63
Cpl. Morton Berry, Co. Dmortally wounded 7/2/63
Pvt. Abner W. Forest, Co. Kmortally wounded 5/6/64
Sgt. John T. R. Seagraves, Co. G5/6/64-1/65-?
Sgt. Charles Scott, Co. C5/12/64
Sgt. Stephen B. Canfield, Co. Bphotographed with flags, 1865
142nd Infantry
Sgt. J. Robinson Balsley, Co. Hwounded 7/1/63
Sgt. Daniel Young, Co. C10/18/64
Cpl. James X. Walter, Co. H2/65-?
143rd Infantry
Sgt. Benjamin Crippen, Co. Ekilled 7/1/63
Sgt. Owen Phillips, Co. B7/1/63-mortally wounded 5/64
Cpl. Rogers W. Cox, Co. E1865
Sgt. Patrick DeLacey, Co. Arescued flag, 5/23/64
Pvt. Merritt Coughlin, Co. K5/23/64
Sgt. W. H. Harden, Co. Eobituary as bearer
Sgt. Thomas Dakin, Co. Clisted as bearer, 1866
145th Infantry
*Cpl. Conrad Dippo, Co. Kfall 1862
Sgt. J. C. Veit, Co. B6/64
Sgt. John P. Ferguson, Co. Klisted in county history
147th Infantry
Sgt. Samuel Henry, Co. Ckilled 5/3/63
Sgt. Jesse K. Pryor, Co. Clisted as bearer, 1866
148th Infantry
Cpl. Hugh S. Neil, Co. Kkilled 5/3/63
Sgt. John F. Benner, Co. C7/2/63
Cpl. David H. Swyers, Co. Bwounded 5/10/64
Sgt. Robert A. Henry, Co. Fkilled 5/10/64
Sgt. William Ward, Co. Hcaptured 6/16/64
Cpl. Joseph J. Shotstall, Co. Ekilled 3/31/65
Cpl. Isaiah P. Leightley, Co. Ftook flag 3/31/65
149th Infantry
Sgt. Henry G. Brehm, Co. Cmortally wounded 7/1/63
Cpl. Franklin W. Lehman, Co. Cwounded 7/1/63
Cpl. Henry H. Spayd, Co. Cwounded 7/1/63
150th Infantry
Sgt. Samuel Phifer, Co. Ikilled 7/1/63
Cpl. Joseph S. Gutelius, Co. Dkilled 7/1/63
151st Infantry
Sgt. Adam Heilman, Co. Ewounded 7/1/63
152nd Regiment (3rd Heavy Artillery)
153rd Infantry
Sgt. John Henning, Co. Ibearer of natl. color
154th Infantry
155th Infantry
Sgt. Thomas Wiseman, Co. Cmortally wounded 12/13/62
Cpl. Charles Bardeen, Co. Fmortally wounded 12/13/62
Cpl. George W. Bratten, Co. Emortally wounded 12/13/62
Sgt. Thomas C. Lawson, Co. H12/13/62-7/63
Cpl. Matthew Bennett, Co. I6/30/63-7/63 temp
Sgt. Thomas I. Marlin, Co. K7/63-6/65, wounded 6/18/64
Cpl. Lemuel E. McPherson, Co. Ctemp in 6/64
Sgt. Thomas C. Anderson, Co. I9/30/64
Col. Alfred L. Pearson3/29/65
157th Infantry
Cpl. William H. Howard, Co. A2/5/65
Sgt. Francis A. Olmsteadlisted as bearer, 1866
158th Infantry
159th Regiment (14th Cavalry)
160th Regiment (15th Cavalry)
Sgt. G. P. Davis, Co. M?-1/9/64
Sgt. George W. Spencer, Co. D8/16/64-?
161st Regiment (l6th cavalry)
162nd Regiment (l7th cavalry)
163rd Regiment (l8th cavalry)
Sgt. Alder Smith, Co. I3/28/65-6/20/65
Sgt. Charles Beck, Co. I6/20/65-?
165th Infantry
166th Infantry
167th Infantry
168th Infantry
169th Infantry
171st Infantry
172nd Infantry
173rd Infantry
*Sgt. Henry W. Cameron, Co. Clisted as bearer, 1866
174th Infantry
175th Infantry
*Sgt. Samuel O. Fernwalt
176th Infantry
177th Infantry
Sgt. Peter Franz, Co. Clisted as bearer, 1866
178th Infantry
179th Infantry
180th Regiment (19th cavalry)
Sgt. John Ery, Co. I5/17/64-?
181st Regiment (20th cavalry)
Sgt. William R. Barnes, Co. E2/3/64-?
182nd Regiment (21st cavalry)
Sgt. Israel B. Bair, Co. Iobituary as bearer
183rd Infantry
184th Infantry
185th Regiment (22nd cavalry)
Sgt. Michael H. Core, Co. Aphotograph ID as bearer
186th Infantry
Sgt. Charles M. Koons, Co. H10/24/64-?
187th Infantry
Sgt. John S. Ware, Co. C12/10/64-?
*Cpl. John J. Hess, Co. Blisted as bearer, 1866
188th Infantry
Sgt. William Sipes, Co. Ikilled 9/29/64
Cpl. William L. Graul, Co. I9/29/64
Cpl. Charles Blucher, Co. H9/29/64
Capt. Cecil Clay, 58th Infantrywounded 9/29/64
189th Regiment (4th Heavy Artillery)
(2nd Provisional Heavy Artillery)
Sgt. John D. Wareingwounded 6/18/64
Cpl. Minus Devinsmortally wounded 6/18/64
190th Infantry (1st Veteran Reserves)
*Sgt. Richard Looker, Co.Glisted as bearer, 1866
191st Infantry (2nd Veteran Reserves)
192nd Infantry
193rd Infantry
194th Infantry
Sgt. Henry Walbridge, Co. Clisted as bearer, 1866
195th Infantry
Sgt. Christian Hanlin, Co. F3/28/65-?
Sgt. Israel Bair, Co. F5/8/65-?
Sgt. Thomas E. Allen, Co. Flisted as bearer, 1866
196th Infantry
197th Infantry
198th Infantry
199th Infantry
200th Infantry
Pvt. Levi A. Smith, Co. E3/25/65
201st Infantry
202nd Infantry
203rd Infantry
Sgt. John Lee, Co. B?-10/12/64
Pvt. George Deitrich, Co. Fwounded 1/15/65
Col. John W. Moorekilled 1/15/65
Cpl. William L. Parker, Co. I1/15/65
204th Regiment (5th Heavy Artillery)
Sgt. John W. Williams, Co. Clisted as bearer, 1866
205th Infantry
Pvt. Henry Naber, Co. Cwounded 4/2/65
206th Infantry
207th Infantry
Sgt. George T. Horning, Co. Ewounded 4/2/65
Sgt. Charles H. Ilgenfritz, Co. E4/2/65
208th Infantry
Sgt. Joshua Heck, Co. C3/18/65-?
Cpl. Jeremiah Long, Co. Dmortally wounded 4/2/65
209th Infantry
Sgt. Edward J. Humphreys, Co. C3/25/65
Sgt. Elbridge Stiles, Co. C3/25/65
210th Infantry
Sgt. Manaris Humelstine, Co. D?-4/18/65
Cpl. Josiah Kissinger, Co. H4/18/65-?
211th Infantry
Sgt. William R. Moore, Co. D4/2/65
212th Regiment (6th Heavy Artillery)
213th Infantry
214th Infantry
Sgt. Gabriel L. Todd, Co. C4/28/65-muster out
215th Infantry
Sgt. John H. Engle, Co. B5/19/65-?

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