1914 - 1985 - PA Civil War Flags 1914 - 1985

1914 - 1985

The glass cases were designed to be airtight in order to preserve the remnants of the Civil War colors, but deterioration continued. In fact, in 1929 Governor John S. Fisher vetoed a bill for the preservation of Pennsylvania's flags of the Civil War, Spanish-American War, and World War. In 1939, a brief investigation did prove the cases were not as air tight as planned and the flags appeared to be disintegrating with age. However, nothing further was done.

In 1981 re-enactors of Company A of the 87th Pennsylvania showed interested in having the battle flag of the 87th taken out of its case and conserved. On August 26, 1981 Case Number Two was opened, and the flag of the 87th was removed for conservation and participation in the Capitol's 75th Anniversary celebration.

The conservation effort of the 87th's color increased public attention to the collection and served as the impetus for the Capitol Preservation Committee to begin the preservation of all of Pennsylvania's Civil War and Spanish-American War colors. The Capitol Preservation Committee launched the "Save the Flags" campaign, raising money for documentation, conservation, and research on the flags.

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