1866 - 1914 - PA Civil War Flags 1866 - 1914

1866 - 1914

Initially, the collected flags were stored in the old State Armory in Capitol Park. It was not until six years later when action was taken to place the flags on proper display within the Capitol building. One year later, the "Battle Flag Room" was completed on the second floor of the South Executive Building, opposite the Adjutant-General's Office. The flags were installed unfurled, and in an upright position.

From 1873-1893 more colors and other civil war artifacts were given to the state, and additional room was needed to house the collection. Therefore, the collection was moved to the newly constructed Executive, Library, and Museum Building (renamed the Speaker Matthew J. Ryan Legislative Office Building in 1999), and displayed in a new flag room directly at the head of the main stairs. The banners were placed in four long glass cases. Fortunately, they were already at this location when the Hills Capitol burned on February 2, 1897.

PA Capitol Preservation Committee | Room 630 Main Capitol Building | Harrisburg, PA 17120