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The Commonwealth's collection of state-issued Civil War and Spanish-American War flags serves as an invaluable window into the nature of Civil War battle. These colors are significant artifacts that demonstrate the heroism displayed by all Civil War soldiers on the battlefield.

As custodian of these state treasures, the Capitol Preservation Committee offers free public tours of the collection, via appointment. The flag conservation and storage facility is conveniently located just a few blocks from the Main Capitol building.

Additionally, the Committee has recently installed a new exhibit on the Commonwealth's collection of Civil War flags, which will add increased interpretation of the collection. This exhibit also showcases a loan of Civil War artifacts, firearms, and accoutrements, which will help visitors to the flag facility understand the horrendous nature of Civil War combat and the perilous job of bearing the colors.

Please Note: Our facility is no longer open for tours.
PA Capitol Preservation Committee | Room 630 Main Capitol Building | Harrisburg, PA 17120